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كيف يتم بيع وشراء الاسهم

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تجار الفوركس السعوديين

  • Age: 8 Paper boy
  • Age: 12 Printing - for cash
  • Age: 17 Farm pupil
  • Age: 18 R.A.F. Radar Technician
  • Age: 20 Sales Representative
  • Age: 29 Church and College work: Graduate of class of '64, and Faculty member of Ambassador College, Bricket Wood, U.K; Computer I/O department; Recording Studio and Public address functions; College Printshop Manager; Director of Student Entertainments.   
  • Age: 40 Pioneer of Applied Kinesiology Natural Health Care in Britain and Europe. Founder of the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology, (T.A.S.K.), Teacher, Practitioner Trainer, Author of 7 textbooks
  • Age: 65 Retired. Married, moved to Australia.
  • Age: 78 - ? Theology student, writer,author, production of notes on Home Study Course and other works of Dr. Ernest L, Martin; compiler of book & blog of “Why ARE we here?”. Please scroll down...

الربح من التداول في الفوركس

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تداول الاسهم السعودية مباشر مجاني